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Introduction to Islam
Multiple Contributors
Spirit World of Islam
Dr. Warren Larson

Approaches To Evangelism
Dr. Phil Parshall

World of Muslim Women
Dr. Moyra Dale and Dr. Vivienne Stacey

Understanding the Qur'an
Dr. Peter Riddell
Islam in the 21st Century

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Certificate Program
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The Muslim Studies Certificate prepares students for effective life and work in Muslim contexts. These courses provide essential understanding of Muslim beliefs and practices as well as various forms of Christian witness.

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Master's Degree
Master's Degree

The Master of Arts (MA) in Muslim Studies provides you with a focused knowledge of the tools and techniques needed to analyze the theology, traditions, and worldview of Islam. It prepares you to engage in research and analysis which is informed by that knowledge and contributes to the ministry of those engaged in cross-cultural life and work among Muslims.

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Church Module
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Christians are caught in a dilemma of paranoia and fear in reaction to media distortions of radicalism among Muslims and knowing that these are people for whom Christ died and need to know God’s love. This training module is designed for churches, students and other small groups to be equipped to understand Islam, learn how to build relationships with Muslims and to engage in Christian witness with respect and love. The series of brief video lectures, power points and discussions can be used in a flexible format of weekly classes or a weekend seminar.

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