How much of our knowledge of Islamic history is centered around the Crusades?  How does that affect us today?


Anzac Day:

Peter Riddell –Islam in Context: Past, Present, and Future

Peter Riddell –Islam and the Malay-Indonesian World: Transmission and Responses

Peter Riddell –Angels and Demons: Perspectives and Practice in Diverse Religious Traditions

Peter Riddell & Brent J. Neely –Islam and the Last Day: Christian Perspectives on Islamic Eschatology

Peter Riddell & John Azumah –Islam and Christianity on the Edge: Talking Points in Christian-Muslim Relations Into the 21st Century

Paul Marshall (editor) & Peter Riddell (contributor) –Radical Islam’s Rules: The Worldwide Spread of Extreme Sharia Law

Peter Riddell –Islam: Essays on Scripture, Thought and Society : A Festschrift in Honour of Anthony H. Johns (Islamic Philosophy, Theology, and Science)

Ira Lapidus –A History of Islamic Societies

Karen Armstrong –Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time


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