The Tuareg are some of the most difficult people to reach with the Gospel.  Find out why and how Cash and Ann Godbold dedicated most of their lives to these nomadic peoples. Truth about Muslims Podcast with Trevor Castor and Howard Ki.
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Sponsor Music by: Drunk Pedestrians – Mean
Interlude Music by:
Chris Zabriski – Androids Always Escape, Heliograph, The 49th Street Galleria, Undercover Vampire Policeman
Sergey Cheremisinov – Moonlight
Scott Holmes – Old Oak Tree
Kai Engel – After Midnight
Blue Dot Sessions – Flitless
Trans Alp – Gnossienne N3, Gnossienne N1
Podington Bear – Afterglow
Jason Sigal – Recruitment Gong (Instrumental)
Steve Combs – Delta Is (Theme K)